Six Myths That Are Doing The Rounds Regarding Metal Roofing

It’s quite surprising to know how many people don’t even the basic details of metal roofing. Let’s discuss the common myths that people have regarding metal roofing and how these are affecting their decision to get this type of roofing for their homes.

Myth 1: Metal roofs are prone to lightning strikes

Reality: No type of roof is at the risk of getting struck by lightning. On the contrary, if you have a metal roofing, then it will dissipate the charge because of its non-combustible properties.

Myth 2: Metal roof makes deafening noise when it rains

Reality: Those who think like that might probably be using an old, cheap metal roof that sounds like a machine gun burst when it rains. If you take a look at the modern metal roofs, then those are installed over your existing roof or a thick layer of plywood or solid sheathing. As a result, you get hardly any noise during rains and even hailstorms.

Myth 3: Metal roofing is way too expensive

Reality: Well, this is also not true, and you will be surprised to know that a metal roof costs less than an asphalt shingle roof. A metal roof adds great value to your house and at the same time, saving money on cooling expenses. Metal roofs if installed by a qualified and experienced roofing contractor will last for a very long time and won’t need much maintenance as well. Visit for more information on how you can install a metal roof for your home.

Myth 4: Metal Roof is prone to rust

Reality: Don’t you think the metal roof manufacturers have given a thought about it and arranged a few things to ensure that it doesn’t happen? Companies are very smart, and they have made all the arrangements to ensure that the metal roofing doesn’t rust. A protective layer made with aluminum or zinc is coated to make sure that the metal beneath the layer remains safe for years to come.

Myth 5: Metal Roofs are susceptible to dents

Reality: These days, metal roofs are manufactured in such a way that they can easily withstand years of abuse from severe weather. No matter how bad the weather is, the roof will stay intact and provide protection to you and your family. 

Myth 6: One can’t walk on metal roofs as they can get damaged

Reality: Although it is not advised to take a walk on the roof, but in case, you are in a situation where you have to take it, then make sure you are wearing running shoes. The reason being, sports shoes offer good traction, thus making it easier for you to walk and causing no damage to the roof as well.

Steps To Prevent Ice Dams On The Roof

For those living in cold-weather regions, it is very important for you to take preventive measures to protect your house from the formation of ice dams. The condition of ice dams occurs when roof gutters are clogged with debris and snow. Therefore, when the water or melted snow goes from the roof towards the gutter, the combination of snow and the debris blocks the passage of water hence creating a big problem for homeowners.

Now with water has no way to run off, it will eventually return to the roof and accumulate underneath roof shingles. It will remain for as long as the freeze/thaw cycles remain active in your region water being stuck underneath the roof shingles it begins to soften the roof deck and causing the wood to rot. As a result, your roof becomes vulnerable and dangerous to your life and the lives of your family.

Along with that, it is expensive to fix the damage caused by the accumulation of water due to the formation of ice dams. However, preventing ice dams is easy and economical, and you can follow the below-mentioned procedures to prevent the development of ice dams.

1.  While installing a new roof, you should install a good quality Ice and water barrier on all the roof eaves, which should be around 3 feet high. If you have opted for a lower-pitched roof, then the height of the barrier raises to 6 feet. In most parts of the United States, you will find roofers mentioning one row of ice and water barrier in their bids for roofing projects.  However, you must check out the municipality Building Code before finalizing the height of Ice and water barrier.

2.  The next thing that you have to keep in mind is the size of gutters and downspouts, which should be large enough to handle the water from the roof. You can take the help of an experienced roofing contractor for modern roofing in Pocatello Idaho to determine the capacity of the gutter based on the size of your roof. Larger roots will require larger gutters whereas smaller roots will require smaller gutters. You can also opt for a custom gutter, but it will be a bit more expensive compared to the normal gutters you see in the market.

3.  You also need to ensure proper roof ventilation, which can be done by balancing the intake vents along with exhaust vents. There should be a perfect balance between cold air intake vents and hot air exhaust vents.  The cold air from the intake ones will push the warm air out of the attic space through exhaust vents. However, if the ventilation is not proper this process will not be able to carry out perfectly. Hence, the warmer will remain inside the attic space, which will warm the roof and melt the snow, but the cold here outside is going to freeze snow and create ice, this resulting in the continuation of freeze cycles.

Keep these points in mind while the roof of your house and you will not experience any of the issues mentioned in the post.

Which Roofing Material To Choose? 5 Inspiring Ideas To Select From

Your roof covering is the first layer of your roof exposed to the weather, hence the importance of knowing which roofing material to choose. Different materials exist, each with its own aesthetic, but also specific technical characteristics: impermeability, resistance to wind and shocks, energy performance. Not to mention the cost! The range of possible options is vast, so to help you make a wise choice, we present you with five inspiring ideas of roofing material with their advantages and disadvantages. From the most classic roofs to the most original, there is something for everyone! Check out the roofing services in Pocatello for the most inspiring ideas.

Terracotta tiles: classic but resolutely contemporary

Terracotta tile is one of the most used roofing material in the US. These tiles perfectly adapt according to the region, which is why these are so much in demand. Available in different colors, you will necessarily find a terracotta tile aesthetic that suits you, and in addition, it is a natural material, composed of 100% clay.

Which roof material to choose to guarantee the longevity of your roof? Zinc!

Used in the form of sheets, zinc is the metal that covers a good amount of roofs in many buildings all over the US. Not just waterproof and easy to maintain, zinc is a material with good durability. You will not see any foam, making it a preferred choice for roofing individual homes.

The slate roof, the charming asset

Like terracotta tiles, slate is a natural material. It dresses with great elegance and charm the roofs of traditional houses. The slate can be in the form of a shell or rectangular form and has the advantage of having an excellent shelf life (over 100 years). On the other hand, it is a very heavy material, which requires a good framework.

Which roof material to choose for an original roof? The copper!

Antifungal and very durable like zinc, copper is a trendy and lively material. Moreover, a copper roof is rather bright. Over time, it changes to brown, then to shades of grey or Verdigris depending on the climate. And, if the cost of copper, relatively expensive, could be a disadvantage, it is largely offset by the life of the material and the lack of maintenance required for a copper roof!

Photovoltaic tiles for better energy performance

If the promise of energy savings is enticing, solar panels are rather bulky. But, here is a roof that could allow you to equip you with solar panels without aesthetic compromise: photovoltaic tiles! Their cost may seem prohibitive, but they will integrate quietly into a roof with better energy performance at the key.