Which Roofing Material To Choose? 5 Inspiring Ideas To Select From

Your roof covering is the first layer of your roof exposed to the weather, hence the importance of knowing which roofing material to choose. Different materials exist, each with its own aesthetic, but also specific technical characteristics: impermeability, resistance to wind and shocks, energy performance. Not to mention the cost! The range of possible options is vast, so to help you make a wise choice, we present you with five inspiring ideas of roofing material with their advantages and disadvantages. From the most classic roofs to the most original, there is something for everyone! Check out the roofing services in Pocatello for the most inspiring ideas.

Terracotta tiles: classic but resolutely contemporary

Terracotta tile is one of the most used roofing material in the US. These tiles perfectly adapt according to the region, which is why these are so much in demand. Available in different colors, you will necessarily find a terracotta tile aesthetic that suits you, and in addition, it is a natural material, composed of 100% clay.

Which roof material to choose to guarantee the longevity of your roof? Zinc!

Used in the form of sheets, zinc is the metal that covers a good amount of roofs in many buildings all over the US. Not just waterproof and easy to maintain, zinc is a material with good durability. You will not see any foam, making it a preferred choice for roofing individual homes.

The slate roof, the charming asset

Like terracotta tiles, slate is a natural material. It dresses with great elegance and charm the roofs of traditional houses. The slate can be in the form of a shell or rectangular form and has the advantage of having an excellent shelf life (over 100 years). On the other hand, it is a very heavy material, which requires a good framework.

Which roof material to choose for an original roof? The copper!

Antifungal and very durable like zinc, copper is a trendy and lively material. Moreover, a copper roof is rather bright. Over time, it changes to brown, then to shades of grey or Verdigris depending on the climate. And, if the cost of copper, relatively expensive, could be a disadvantage, it is largely offset by the life of the material and the lack of maintenance required for a copper roof!

Photovoltaic tiles for better energy performance

If the promise of energy savings is enticing, solar panels are rather bulky. But, here is a roof that could allow you to equip you with solar panels without aesthetic compromise: photovoltaic tiles! Their cost may seem prohibitive, but they will integrate quietly into a roof with better energy performance at the key.